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National Disability Scheme

What is NDIS?

The acronym ‘NDIS’ stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It essentially represents a new avenue through which individualised support is provided to individuals with a significantly permanent disability, as well as to their families and carers.

If you are under 65 years of age and satisfy the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, then you are guaranteed to receive the support that you require through NDIS to enable you to achieve your well-being goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are either under 65 years of age (or under 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) and are suffering from a significantly permanent disability, then you can be eligible for NDIS services. The NDIS offers support to people with disability to enable them to become active members of their community, become a part of the workforce, hence increasing their chances of reaching their full potential. NDIS offer a comprehensive set of direct support and services; often, we collaborate with other providers and offer these services to our clients as a single point of contact.

Should you not be eligible for NDIS, you may be able to access disability and health services that are funded through Victoria Community Care Services (VCCS).

NDIS Plans & Costs

Upon the roll out of NDIS in your given area and your approval for NDIS, you can start looking for a provider for your services that is commonly known as a ‘support’.

The NDIS assures you that you will have control over your plan, more precisely over the supports that you will be receiving. For example, you will be able to determine the types of support that you wish to receive, when and where you wish to receive them, as well as the exact provider that you wish to have.

NDIS Service Bookings

You will be asked to start by booking services with your chosen providers to be able to receive services on a regular basis afterward. At Optimum Care Group, our NDIS services are available to all NDIS participants who have in their possession an approved NDIS plan. We provide service all over the state of Victoria.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Optimum Care NDIS

Approach to Disability Care

For the past few years, we have been regularly offering various types of services to our clients, which include nursing, allied health, as well as home care disability services. We have helped our clients to live a happy and high-quality life at their own house.

We will collaborate with you as a team to assess your strengths, abilities, and needs to foster your own individualised health care plan. In fact, we can be your only source of contact for any NDIS related matter or query. We will assist you at every step of the way to help you secure the services that you require; either we will provide the services to you or we will collaborate with another partner to offer you these services.

Why Choose Optimum Care?

We are a trustable and reliable health care provide who can assess all of your needs, manage your services, address your queries and concerns, and ensure that you receive the require support and services to flourish. Should you require further information about our services, you are more than welcome to give us a call.

Our NDIS Service Providers

Our staff of health care professionals, disability support worker and social workers have extensive experience caring for people suffering from a wide range of conditions, including disability, mental illness, and dementia.