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NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

Support Coordination experience includes:

  • Assessing mainstream, community and informal support as well as considering provider options
  • Negotiating services, developing service agreements and making service bookings
  • Arranging assessments to acquire particular services e.g. an assessment to determine a home modification
  • Establishing budget for support/s and advising NDIS planners about the breakdown of funds
  • Liaising with plan managers to establish appropriate claim categories and correct funding
  • Linking to mainstream / community services to strengthen coordination support in areas such as housing, education, transport and health services
  • Helping clients resolve problems, understand their service agreement responsibilities, and change or end a service agreement
  • Helping clients get ready for their plan review
  • Assessing if clients experience issues during the implementation of their plan and develop solutions
  • Evaluating if clients are achieving their goals and getting value for money
  • Supporting client decisions around any goals they have for housing options and life transition planning

NDIS Coordinator

What isn’t included under Support Coordination?

According to the NDIA, the need for support coordination will most likely decrease with the progression of time. As such, funding is not provided to support coordinators to provide any of the following services: transportation for participants, plan administration, plan management, support rostering, advocacy and/or disability support.

How are Support Coordinators engaged?

Either you could engage us directly or you could directly contact a Support Coordinator. Alternatively, a request for the services that you require can be directly sent to an identified Support Coordinator by your NDIS planner. The former will let the latter know whether they accept the request and if they do, then a plan handover will take place between the two parties.

Our funding experience

Optimum Care Group firmly believes in delivering high-quality support to clients through a variety of different funding bodies, which include local, state, and federal government funds. Optimum Care Group is a NDIS, DHHS, TAC, Workcover and Out of Home care approved provider of support services. Since the trial roll out of the NDIS in 2013, Optimum Care Group has steadily gained NDIS experience by operating in the Barwon region. Since then, the organisation has helped numerous clients with their transition to the NDIS and has also supported many other clients to undertake either their first or second plan review.

If you are currently transition to the NDIS or should you be doing this in the near future, you are strongly recommended to download our planning toolkit or contact one of our staff members, so that we can guide you through this process.