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NDIS Action Plan

One query that you might possibly have is to know what exactly is meant by NDIS plan. Essentially, an NDIS plan is a plan that informs organisations such as ours about your individuals needs and goals and also outlines the exact services and support that you need to have access to in order for your requirements to be fulfilled. The importance of an NDIS plan is that it allows you to receive funding for all these various types of services and them without any stress or pressure whatsoever. At Optimum Care Group, our staff is available to care your way and provide you the services that you need.

NDIS Action Plan

Planning your plan

To be able to receive funding for your services, you will be required to schedule a meeting with an NDIS consultant. Together, the two of you will agree upon a finalised plan which will then be implemented for a duration of 12 months. Any material or resources that you may require or utilise in this meeting, including personal information and information about the services that you are currently using, will be provided to you by Optimum Care Group’s support coordinates. In short, we have in our possession anything that you may require.

Bring your plan to action

The second step is to not only put your plan to action, but as well as to manage it.

Your plan can be managed by any one of the following people: yourself, one of your nominees, such as mother or father, a registered plan management provider, or the NDIS itself. Should you wish to have a plan management provider, we would be more than happy to assume the role of a middleman and assist you with financial intermediary and much more. Our highly experienced plan management team will go above and beyond their way to coordinate your support needs and manage your fund. We can also assist you in determining what types of support you require based on your needs, provide those services to you, and more. Finally, we would be more than happy to foster service agreements or make mandatory arrangement on your behalf.

We provide support and services

Once you and your support coordinator have agreed upon the services that you require, as well as on all other essential matter, including which provider(s) to use, what types of logistics to use, and the overall costs of all the services that you will be using, we will then deliver the services and support to you, as promised.

The reason why Optimum Care Group provides the best care services is that we, as an organisation, select the best workers. Our mission is to provide high quality care services to our clients and we speak many different languages (Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic) . The way it works is that once your individualised plan is fostered, we assess your needs and in return provide exceptional support, so that your goals are achieved, and our services leave a positive and meaningful impression on you. In addition, we offer to our clients and NDIS a detailed report in which the former’s goals and overall impression of our services are thoroughly described. Another report in which your goals, service outcomes (including your successes and improvements to be made to make your experience better) is also provided to you and to NDIS. Always bear in mind that we have got your back; as your service provider, we will be consistently managing your funds and guiding you through our services.

Review your plan

After a year, a support coordinator will review your care plan. Should for any major reason your plan require to be reviewed sooner than 12 months, then rest assure that we will make appropriate arrangements to do so. Our clients are recommended to reflect on the services that have helped them achieve their goals. Indeed, based on your personal reflection, you can always revise and modify your care plan based on your current and updated needs and requirements. In short, once your file is due for the 12-month review with the NDIS, Optimum Care Group will be available to guide you through this process.